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We have listed our companies general products list in alphabetical order for youir convinience.
For information please call  (317) 788-6778


Our Companies specialize in M.R.O. Supplies and Equipment. We also serve the Water and Wastewater
Treatment Plants, even with those "Obsolete Parts" that you always seem to still need, We have it!.
Our Customers range from the Chemical Processing Industry, Food and Food By-Products processing
Plants Power Generation Companies, Mining, Pulp & Paper, Petrochemical, Primary Metals, Foundries,
Marine, Grain Handling, Breweries, Coke and Gas Plants, Petroleum, Refining, Pharmaceuticals, Hospitals,
Auto Plants, Airports, Etc.. As Including State, Federal, and Municipal Governments



Product List :


Aerosol Lubricants Manhoe Gaskets Shut-Off Valves
Aircraft Cables Masking Tape Sight Gages
Alloy Chain Material Handling Hose Silicone Products
Anti-Fatigue Matting Matting & Stair Treads Skirtboard, Rubber
Aprons Mining Supplies Sleeves, all types
Asbestos Replacement Mat. Molded Prod. rubber & plastics Slings, Nylon, Etc.
Babbitt Multi-Purpose Hoses Spec. Mat. Mil. & Gov't
Ball Valves Neoprene Items Speed Reducers
Batteries Nipples, Steel Sponge Rubber Product
Bearings all types Non- Skid Compounds Spray Nozzles & Equip.
Bellows Nozzles Spray Sprockets,Cast & Steel
Belting Nylon Clothing Splits
Belts/Nuts Oil Cans Stainless steel Parts
Boots Oil Pumps Steam Hoses
Brakes Electric Oilers Steel Shafting
Brass Fittings Packing Mechanical Stoppers, Rubber
Buckets Penetrating Oils Storage Cabinets
Bushings Pillow Blocks Strip Doors Vinyl
Cable & Accessories Plastics all types Suction Hose
Chain all types Pneumatics, Gages, Filters Take-Up Units
Collars Polyethylene's Tanks, Poly, Steel, Etc.
Conveyor Belting Polyurethane's Taper-Loc, Sheaves
Conveyor Equipment Poly-V-Belts Taper-Loc Bushings
Couplings, flexible Portable Equipment Tapes, all types
Custom Hose Assemblies Power Transmission Equipment Tarpaulins
Disposable Clothing Pressed Steel Sheaves Tensioner Units
Duct Tape Proof Coil Chains Timing Belts & Pulleys
Dust Masks Protective clothing Tools
Electric Matting Pullers, Jaw Type Trolleys
Electric Motors Pulleys & Lagging Tubing, Rubber, & Plastic
Elevator Buckets Punches Urethanes
Exhaust Hose Punch Lock Type Clamp Utility Gages
Expansion Joints Push-On Fittings Valve Packing
Extruded Rubber PVC Products Valves, Ball & Float
Flat Stock & Belting Q. D. Bushings Variable Speed Belts
Flesco Type Products Quick Disconnect Couplings Vee-Belts, all types
Float Valves Racks, Hose Type Vibration Equipment
Gaskets Rainwear Vinyl Ducting, Exhaust
Gears, standard, MTO Recoil Hoses Waders, Hip
Gear Reducers Reducers Washers, all types
Gloves, leather,rubber, plastic Reels, Hand & Electric Water Hose
Goggles & Eye Protection Regulators Wear shoes cast
Gratings & Flooring Roller Chain, All Sizes Wear shoes plastic, UHMW
Hard hats & Safety Equipment Rollers & Covers Wear Strips
Hi-Temp Cloth Material Rope, Manila, Nylon, Kevlar Weather Stripping
Hose, coupling, & clamps Rope Packing Welders Gloves
Hose menders Rubber Hose Welding Curtains
Hose nipples Safety Cans Welding Supplies
Hydraulic Hose & Accessories Safety & Constructions Signs Wheels & Casters
Industrial Products Safety Supplies Winches, Hand& Power
Jaw Pullers Screw Conveyors & Accessories Wire Rope, Stainless Steel
Joints, Flex, U, Expansion Seals, Mechanical Wire Rope, Galvanized
Keystock & Shafting Sewage Equipment, all types Wire Ties
Leather belting,& Clothing Sheaves & Pulleys Y-Connector
Safety, Hazmat Sheet Rubber Materials Zerk Fittings

(317) 788-6778.